What Is Responsive Web Design (RWD)?

Day by day, the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to work with your site grows. Responsive web design responds in accordance with the encountered devices, platforms, and browsers.

Responsive web design uses the same domain name (for example, "silviagraphics.com") across all devices and responds to the different viewports by providing the best user experience possible for each device. The different viewports include desktop monitors, laptops, tablets, and all mobile devices and their corresponding orientations (upright and sideways viewing by the user).

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

It saves you time and money

As our customer, you only have to pay for the development of one website. No mobile apps or mobile websites are necessary. There's only one website that needs support too, so this cuts down on monthly web support costs. Publishing new content is easy and more economical when there's only one place for it to go.

The development is more complex to begin with, but once your RWD is completed, the monthly costs will decrease significantly. Efficiency is gained because one "set" of code can account for the additional channels, allowing for a single code change to migrate across every channel.

Your site will always look good, and your customers find information easier

This is because RWD will to adapt to the width and height or each device, such as smart tablets and phones, and recognize any of the browsers ( e.g., Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) that visitors might be using. This means that your potential customer is going to have a much better experience with your website. NOTE: A visitor is going to be a lot more likely to buy products and services from your website if it actually works on his or her device.

RWD helps with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Because responsive design uses one code across all channels, it is a lot more effective to configure the SEO inside of your website, plus we will be able to maintain your website a lot better.

What Is a Content Management System (CMS)

The content management system (CMS) is a system used to manage the content of a web site. The main purpose of a CMS is to provide the capability for multiple users with different permission levels to manage a website or a section of the content.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may need the ability to do daily updates on your website, in which case we will teach you how to do these updates.

For example, for a website that has Articles, Blogs, Press Releases, a Store, an Events calendar, etc., each section can be assigned to one or more user(s) to create, edit, and archive.

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO helps to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found by the search engine.

The purpose of SEO is to create a great, seamless user experience, and to communicate to the search engines your intentions so they can recommend your website for relevant searches.

Basic search engine optimization (SEO) is fundamental. And essential. SEO will help you position your website properly to be found at the most critical points in the buying process or when people need your site.

Making your website search-engine optimized gives you a visible return on your investment, as customers are able to find your business among the competition with greater ease. Depending on your audience, we can build your website with keyword-enriched text to get you noticed locally or we can utilize social media tools to help your business compete with the bigger names. Social media platforms that we can utilize for you include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, blogs, and more.

Web Services

Web services is a catch-all term for web hosting, web maintenance, and webbackups. What are these and why do they matter to you? Please read on...

Web Services

Web hosting is the critically important business of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more web sites. More important than the computer space that is provided for web site files is providing a fast connection to the internet.
silviagraphics offers safe and secure hosting for your website with one of the best carriers on the market. Your benefit of hosting with us? You call us with any question, concern, or updates. No waiting in line, no confusing chat, no language issues, and no frustrating or evasive answers. Just fast service, handled professionally and personally by us. Call or email us with your questions, and we will address it immediately.

Web Maintenance

Good websites are not static. Good websites have new content added periodically - usually the more frequently, the better: updates keep visitors coming back again and again. At the very least, good websites need periodic maintenance and tweaking.

silviagraphics offers cost-effective maintenance plans starting as low as $50.00/month (with a 1-year contract). This includes 1 hour of work per month in which we do copy updates, image exchanges, photo gallery updates, news updates, and search engine optimization (SEO) maintenance.

Depending on the activity of your site and the amount of updates, we can customize the plan for your needs.

Maintenance by request without a plan starts at $85.00 per hour.


Backing up web files is of critical importance in case of technical problems, outages, or other disasters. Our hosting partner automatically creates daily backups of your entire account. Therefore, your site and its content are always protected, and we can easily restore your complete data if ever needed. This service is provided FOR FREE as part of our hosting contract with you.